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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dr. Lybrand, you ask,
"Mark,No disrespect felt...however, I don't see your exegesis yet. What exactly makes this 'salvation only'? Doesn't Christ save the whole person?"
I must admit that I do not understand your question. Yes He saves the whole person. I do not understand why you would ask me that. My understanding of Him saving the whole person is seen in a verse I've alluded to several times in this meta. It is seen in Acts 26:18-20. Romans 6 gives us a fuller view. The Christian goes from having been a slave to sin to being a slave to righteousness, a slave to God.
"Also, doesn't the 'soul' represent far more (exegetically) than just the spirit-into-heaven?"
Yes it does mean more than spirit into heaven. And I believe that even MacArthur would agree with that. Who do you know that wouldn't?
"I am not actually using a system, though I do confess to the importance of reasoning in interpretation.What in the context makes it a relief from an eternal burden?"
What is it that they are laboring over or are burdened about? Paul gives us a couple of glimpeses. One is his own experience in Romans 7. He was carnal and sold under sin in his days before Christ. His struggle was with his flesh, a struggle that would continue into his walk with Christ. See Gal. 5:17. His rest was found in Christ. Romans 7:25. The other glimpse was in Romans 10:1-13. The Jews mentioned there are going about to establish their own righteousness. Adain, Christ is the answer.
"Mark,On your other point:"The believer is now in Christ's kingdom, under His rule."Does this mean the believer must there room in you understanding for rebellion / mistakes / etc.?Thanks much,FRL"
There is plenty of room for rebellion; hence the chastening of the Father. The believer enters into the process of being conformed to the image of Christ. Jesus defined eternal life in John 17:3. Knowing God and being desirous to walk in His ways go hand in hand. See the life of King David. He longed after God but still got himself into situations wherein he had to be chastened. So it is with the NT believer.
May 17, 2009 2:52 PM

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